Saturday, 10 June 2017

It gets worse!

I am regretting that I did not post regularly through this climatic BREXIT year, but then I am not too good at doing things regularly. Shaving and taking the medicines that I seem to require to keep going is enough!
We have had the Trump whirlwind and then Mrs May surprised us with this surprise snap election. Eberyone thought it would be a walkover. How wrong they were. Guess people dont like being forced into a vote they didn't want. And that campaign...and hats off to Jeremy Corbyn. Really glad that that blip on the radio made no difference.I get sick of those smart snappy questioners.

Of course my party didnt do too well but they did increase their Westminster representation by 50%
And they came "quite near to winning St Ives" according to a smarmy woman commentator at breakfast time on BBC1 on Friday : 300 votes in fact you miserable creature! And while I am on my bias bandwagon what had Tim Farrom's views about homosexuals got to do with the election? Early on even Channel 4 News got their teeth into this. This was blatantly unfair.
Back to the present is there any good out of all this?

  • Scotland looks less likely to break away now via another referendum.multiparty politics have returned to Scotland. I always knew it was only a matter of time.
  • Ruth Davidson is a real star.
  • The unthinkable has happened again with Mr C proving his colleagues wrong and showing that another way may not be impossible electorally.
  • Best of all the gutter press like the Daily Mail and the Sun got it completely wrong. Their treatment of Mr C has been appalling and no-one is happier than I to see them given the two fingers by the electorate. 

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