Tuesday, 5 July 2016

BREXIT is to blame

I gather that people are beginning to blame BREXIT for everything! Has our pitiful display of football against Iceland in the European Cup been part of this?

I have been more amused by how useful a word BREXIT can be.

When did you last BREXIT? After breakfast this morning.

It makes a good swear word too when filling in online accounts which keep bouncing back. BREXIT!

More seriously I used to blame David Cameron for all this referendum nonsense. He  called the referendum in the first place. Partly because of the fear of UKIP : always unnecessary in my view because of our voting system. And because he had promised the country a chance to vote. (Come on he could have reneged on that one easily enough). Then he did try very hard shuffling round Europe to get us a deal, and the leaders round Europe  must have been sick of all that. What a colossal waste of time when there were more important things like Syria and the refugee crisis to address. He did get some concessions but they didn't impress the public.But the big mistake was that it was too big  a gamble with the referendum date  far too far ahead to ensure any result for which he might eventually campaign.

So here we are! I love the cartoon I found in BILD-Deutschland 25 June 2016.

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